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flirten 2 spelletjes

General validity, written form, notes on import and export These stipulations apply exclusively in case of utilisation with respect to customers who are not consumers as specified by the BGB.

The customer recognises as binding these stipulations in their valid version in each case, also for future business transactions with BRINCK. Stipulations of the customer differing from these regulations are not applicable.

They are herewith explicitly rejected. No agreements exceeding these regulations exist.

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Changes and extensions require written confirmation through both parties for their effective inclusion. The written form requirement can be dispensed with only in writing. It is the responsibility of the customer to check corresponding stipulations and to comply with them.

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The customer recognises that possibly no product flirten 2 spelletjes be exported or resold without the customer ensuring the observation of all legal stipulations beforehand. Contract closing, advance payments With the representation of the offered products and services in catalogues or the online offer, BRINCK requires customers to make an offer only. The customer is bound to his flirten 2 spelletjes offerprovided that BRINCK flirten 2 spelletjes in stock the products and partnervermittlung brasilien traumfrau gesucht, commissioned by him by order, in the required specification and quantity, or can supply them within a reasonable period.

BRINCK submits declarations of intent in each case, subject to reservation of the correct and punctual self-supply through the supplier, unless Flirten 2 spelletjes would be responsible for a possibly incorrect delivery or non-delivery.

Any already implemented service flirten 2 spelletjes then returned, where appropriate. The customer has to test and approve wie kann ich einen polizisten kennenlernen advance services, generated at his desire, within 2 weeks following receipt e.

After this notice period has expired, approval is considered as given. suchen single party frankfurt heute

With receipt of the advance services, the customer is flirten 2 spelletjes separately referred to the result of his silence.

Advance services of the type under discussion, as well as their replacement models and resulting moulds, including accessories, remain the property of BRINCK. Such advance services flirten 2 spelletjes the type under discussion are also employed exclusively for future deliveries to customers who commissioned these initially, as long as the customer fulfils has obligations to BRINCK.

Advance services on the part of BRINCK, which were provided on customer preference during the contract initiation, can be charged to the customer, considering flirten 2 spelletjes time outlay, even if a contract closing between the parties does not come about, unless this is the responsibility of BRINCK.

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The respective dispatch, packaging and insurance costs are charged in addition. Price quotations do not refer to accessories or flirten 2 spelletjes possibly represented. BRINCK may adapt prices to a general costs partnervermittlung maurer as necessary, for the performances to be provided by itself according to contract, if more than six weeks are between contract closing and arranged delivery schedule, and if, after that, until completion, wages, costs of materials or the market-usual prices increase or if the exchange rates change.

Dispatch, adaptation, passage of risk The customer has to bear any costs resulting from every delivery in flirten 2 spelletjes case, in particular dispatch, packaging and insurance costs.

A delivery schedule is first guaranteed as binding only following explicit and written confirmation on the part of BRINCK. Simultaneously, the risk passes to the customer for all damages arising for the flirten 2 spelletjes, as well as cases of accident.

General standard terms and conditions

Guarantee BRINCK fulfils the contractually-agreed obligations with all reasonable care and in the interests of the customer. In addition, the merely insignificant reduction of the utility of the goods also does not entitle the customer to the assertion of guarantee rights. BRINCK guarantees that the products and services provided with passage of risk possess the arranged properties, flirten 2 spelletjes insofar as flirten 2 spelletjes agreement concerning the properties has not been concluded the products and services are suitable for the utilisation presupposed according to contract, and are also suitable for usual utilisation and indicate properties which are usual, in case of materials of the same type and that the customer can expect, according to the type of materials.

No guarantee or warranty exceeding that is provided.

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If the impairment lasts longer than six weeks, both parties are entitled to retire from the contract. It is the responsibility of the customer, following receipt of the products supplied by BRINCK, to check and to test these immediately with due care.

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The supplied goods are considered to be approved as deficiency-free after this notice period has expired. The same regulation applies in case of defects which only flirten 2 spelletjes identifiable at a later time. In case of the presence of a deficiency which is their responsibility, BRINCK may choose between improvement repair and a replacement delivery of the deficient goods, to be implemented free flirten 2 spelletjes charge.

If the defect remedy fails twice, the customer can resign from the contract, or he can reduce the price, according to his choice.


The customer can make further damage flirten 2 spelletjes claims. The customer is further entitled to return sub-standard goods against credit memo in the amount of the value of the sub-standard goods.

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BRINCK bears the costs of any improvement repair, in particular route and transport costs, only in the case where the deficient products are still at the initial performance location, or no higher costs arise flirten 2 spelletjes another location.

The replacement delivery is basically implemented to the initial performance location, subject to a different agreement between the parties.

Returns which are sent not free of charge are basically not accepted by BRINCK - except for in the case of an explicit written approval. Regardless of this, BRINCK will reimburse the customer for any costs incurred in the case of an entitled return, insofar as this has appeared, from an objective viewpoint, justified with respect to amount at the forwarding time.

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Any sending back must first be co-ordinated between 2samkeit partnervermittlung parties.

Claims on guarantee are subject to statutory limitation regulations following one year.

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