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Apr 19, Shutterstock Your middle-school self probably only dreamed of the independence you currently enjoy as a grown-ass woman. But, if you told single taken crushing year-old self you'd still be stressing over three-word texts from a crush well into your 30s, you might not have been in such a damn hurry to grow up. And unlike the wine you might guzzle to deal with that sad fact, crushes just get shittier with age.

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Here are just a few reasons why they're not as fun as they used to be. But you get pickier as you get older, and your crushes become more specific and harder to find.

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single taken crushing As adults, we might fantasize about steamy bedroom scenes—but practical fantasies creep into the mix, too. Competition Is Clearly, your competitors have good single taken crushing You might even have a few things in common with these ladies, beyond who you collectively want to bone.

single taken crushing

Part of being a grown ass woman is respecting other grown ass womenwhich makes sharing a crush a compelling exercise single taken crushing restraining your inner year-old. He Could Be Married In some situations, a married crush might be preferable.

It's Hard to Stay Cool Tween-you probably got away with no-chill murder in the crush department. You may have made feeble attempts to mask your throbbing, ridiculous crush, but tween tactics are straight single taken crushing transparent and thirsty.

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As adults, we've got to play it cool. Instead of taking to bed and writing grand declarations in your diary, you can fitnessstudio bekanntschaften your friends, hit up a bar, meet someone new, and start the whole bloody process over again.

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